All of the mosaics, drawings, paintings and photos on the Kasia Mosaics website are originals created by Kasia.  All of this work is copyrighted and may not be copied by anyone and/or used for any reason without obtained permission by Kasia.

Below is a list of commonly asked questions.
  • What is the material that Kasia uses to create her mosaics and how does she create all those unique shapes?  Kasia works with stained glass and cuts and shapes each piece of glass individually using hand tools.
  • How does Kasia come up with the images for her mosaics?  Kasia does a lot of planning and prep for each mosaic.  She travels and takes lots of reference photos for her projects.  Additionally she hand -ketches the images for any mosaic that is not directly based on one of her photos.  Kasia never uses anyone else imagery, photos or artwork to base her projects on.  All art work is 100% original and copyrighted to Kasia Polkowska.
  • Can I copy the work that I see on this website and share it online as my own?  No.  As mentioned above, all the imagery on this website is copyrighted to Kasia Polkowska and may not be copied for any reason.
  • I really like the images that I see on the website, can I share them on my social network?  Yes.  Whenever sharing images of Kasia's artwork, please credit it with the artist's full name "Kasia Polkowska".  
  • Can I email Kasia with questions in regards to my own mosaic project or Kasia's mosaic process?  No.  As much as Kasia would love to respond to each question, at this point there are too many emails to get back to so you may not get a response if you email asking questions about glue,grout, glass, tape, substrates etc.  All of this is covered in detail in Kasia's Online Mosaic Classes for those interested in learning from Kasia.  (You may email inquires about purchasing art, an interview, taking a class etc..)
  • Why can't I find answers to my mosaic questions on this site?  This is an artist website where Kasia shares her own art work and her process.  This is not done for an educational purpose but rather as an artistic expression.  Kasia shares her process not with the goal of streamlining the technique she uses for others to copy but rather to give a glimpse into what it takes to create a mosaic for those art enthusiasts unfamiliar with the mosaic process - this is done simply to help people gain an appreciation for this truly unique medium.
  • I really like Kasia's art work and find the technique fascinating, how can I learn more about it?  Kasia offers Online Mosaic Classes that are available for streaming anywhere in the world.  Please visit the Kasia Mosaics Classes Website for more info.  The classes come with project templates designed by Kasia, with instructions on how to use all the tools Kasia uses and it walks the students through the whole stained glass mosaic process, step by step.  Additionally there are numerous tutorials and access to a private facebook group where students get to interact with Kasia as well as each other and to share works in progress as well as their completed projects.
  • If I take a class from Kasia, will I be able to copy and create work just like hers?   No.  Taking a class does not give the students permission to copy Kasia's work and puts the artist in an awkward situation.  If you are intending to start a business based on Kasia's work, please do not enroll in any of her classes as that is not part of the class. 
  • I just really love Kasia's work and aspire to create work of the same caliber.  What should I do to accomplish this?  Keep in mind that Kasia has been a mosaic artist for over 10 years. Additionally she has attended art school for 4 years where she studied fine arts.  Kasia is also a painter, a drawer, a photographer and a ceramic artist.  Taking a mosaic class to learn the basics of the mosaic techniques is a start.  But keep in mind that taking one class won't make you an artist.  It will introduce you to a new technique and give you lots of ideas to explore outside of the class.  Spending time sketching, perfecting your technique, exploring your own ideas and finding your own voice as an artist is a must.  Being an artist does not happen over night - it takes talent, skill, creativity and most of all time and commitment. 

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